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    My 6.5 year old is most of the way through textbook 1 numbers 1-10. We’re just on exploring ways to create number 7 and we’ve done a little with teen numbers. She already knows place value from using montessori materials, can count to 100 and she understand the operations pretty well, the one in textbook one. She was talking today about finding out how much space was in the playpen by putting the ball pit balls in and then measuring the balls and something or other. She’s also been asking how much big numbers like 100’s and 1000’s are added together or multiplied. Do you think it would be ok to explore these things? Do you think she has the foundation to understand them? Do we need to finish exploring all the ways to create numbers to 20 first?


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    Sorry I didn’t see this post. I don’t think so. We didn’t. And Goutard certainly didn’t. Later in Gattegno’s career, they decided to introduce big numbers fairly quickly. Right after 1-10, and if you look through Goutard’s material she introduces very, very early on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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