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    Do you find that your kids’ interest in c-rods wanes in favor of legos? How do you maintain their interest in C-rods once legos are introduced?



    My kids have always loved Lego and play with them much more than C-rods, but they will all play with c-rods at times as well.

    Sometimes I get them out for the older two when they’re doing their maths lessons (they’re not using Gattegno as their main maths) if there’s a concept I want to demonstrate.

    My youngest I’m doing the Gattegno method with so we get out the c-rods and I do a lesson with him. I don’t ask whether he’d rather be using Lego, we just do the activity.

    Sometimes I sit them all down with the rods for a group activity and they work together on it. Again, Lego at that time isn’t an option.

    Occasionally I use Lego bricks for our maths lesson.

    Does that answer your question?


    Mrs. Post
    @Mrs. Post

    We use C-Rods for math and play and we are HUGE Lego fans at our house. My son isn’t interested in building with Cuisenaire Rods in the same way he is interested in Lego, it’s not the same thing. But we use Cuisenaire Rods for math and design and it just hasn’t been an issue. We had lego long befoe Cuisenaire Rods. The Rods came after Lego.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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