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  • I was just editing a video on the Substitution Game using polynomials. One of the things we talked about is solving for an unknown and how would we go about doing it. This is interesting to me, because it is a lot like (almost exactly like) the Guess My Rod or Guess My Train Game. Anyway, we talked about is what the polynomial is saying. If 3x = 9…[Read more]

  • In a class I am teaching we’ve been working on the distributive property and how that applies to all kinds of math. We explored the principle and then we applied it to a bunch of areas of math and we generalized it. We didn’t look for a formula we created our own. We noted where the problem spots might be and then each person came up with their…[Read more]

  • Lacy, I agree, once you go down the path of constraining things, it is endless and the kids have their own ideas and want to know what happens if…

    They begin to be driven by the internal motivation to know vs. the external motivation of the threat of mother.

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic Tessellations in the forum MATHCamp 2018 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I like the system too. On the tessellations, we tried to make several of the same kind and glue them onto another sheet of paper. We had the exact same problem. We created just one from a square and made it a pattern and traced around it onto another sheet. Much better!

  • Sorry I didn’t see this post. I don’t think so. We didn’t. And Goutard certainly didn’t. Later in Gattegno’s career, they decided to introduce big numbers fairly quickly. Right after 1-10, and if you look through Goutard’s material she introduces very, very early on.

  • This Starting Point came from my blog post. If you want to share your noticing and wonderings, the stories your kids come up with for the image and the story problems you create that would be great!

    Ball Story Starting Point

  • I think I answered this on another thread. But I’m not sure. So I will do it again.

    The wallcharts and cardboard material were used by Gattegno and are basically out of print. Your students don’t really need them. I don’t use them. The only place that I know what has them is Cuisenaire UK. There is a poster with the colored rods on it and then a…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic Just Started? Begin here. in the forum Start Here 6 months ago

    Most kids figure out on their own what the number names of the rods would be if w=1. And usually, that is the name we would give to the rod, but not always.

    Kids generally don’t have a problem switching back and forth. Some students with color blindness and ones who are not used to using the rods may struggle in the beginning. But they make the…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic Just Started? Begin here. in the forum Start Here 6 months ago

    Two issues, one is giving the rods a number name. In Gattegno, the rods have no number names. One can be anything. Here is a video for you to understand why:

    The second issue is using the letter names. I would say yes, you need to use the letter names to study algebra and with Gattegno algebra comes before arithmetic. What we mean by algebra is…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic Constraints in the forum Teacher’s Notebook Page 6 months ago

    Some constraints for trains:

    Find all two-cars trains for a single rod.
    Find all three-car trains for a single rod.
    Find all three-car trains for all rods larger than a light green. Compare the number of trains. Is there a pattern? Can you predict the number of trains?
    Find all the permutations of all trains for the blue rod. Permutations are…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post started the topic Tessellations in the forum MATHCamp 2018 6 months ago

    In MATHCamp this year, I did a tessellations packet. We were playing around with it yesterday for school and I will post a picture later of what A. did on paper. But we were also playing around with tessellations on the computer. We took the tesselation pattern I made and turned it into a polecat – nearly a polecat anyway, it’s missing its front…[Read more]

  • We’ll be posting out MATHCamp pictures soon! We’d love to see yours.

  • Hey Claire,

    You really don’t need to follow the order in Module 2 either. We introduced multiplication long before fractions and subtraction. My son wasn’t really interested n subtraction so we did a lot of fraction work. Now, he is more interested in subtraction and where he used to use fractions, he will now use subtraction.

    How I approached…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic Constraints in the forum Teacher’s Notebook Page 7 months ago

    Below is your standard staircase starting with a white rod. What constraints could we add to this structure?

    1. Change the length between the steps. Maybe we want to change it from white to red.
    2. If your students are older, maybe you want to distance between the steps to grow by one. Distance from 1st step to second step is white. Second step…[Read more]

  • In class, someone asked if there were a list of constraints somewhere. There wasn’t until now. I thought I’d make a general list of constraints that almost always apply and then post images of a structure that can be modified by changing the constraints. Feel free to add your own constraints.

    Why do we use constraints? Constraints allow us to…[Read more]

  • I will send you a PM and I can get it to you.

  • @ahastie these are from a packet I did a few years ago. It was my first and last real attempt at making task cards. LOL You can get them as the single product available on my TPT site. But it doesn’t do me any good. TPT keeps the sales until I have enough. I never have enough and I don’t care. Did you get the bundle last Christmas, if you did…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic After Gattegno in the forum Elementary 7 months ago

    @ahastie I am going to be doing an interview with one of our members soon who started without knowing much about math at all. Including the very basics, like how fractions work and her son will often explain how the math works to her. It is nice to teach and know your subject well enough that you can lead your kids to discovery. But there is also…[Read more]

  • Mrs. Post replied to the topic After Gattegno in the forum Elementary 7 months, 1 week ago

    @Claire I have them and they are fantastic! However, they aren’t a curriculum. They are more like a teacher’s manual to help you (the teacher) understand math. I would even give them to a junior high student and just let them read them. But there aren’t really problems to work. They do give you great idea about how to think about things and…[Read more]

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