Welcome To Learning Well At Home

Yeah, I know, there isn't much going on this website and we took away the forum. It's true. Facebook does a much better job than forums for keeping in touch and most of us are already on Facebook. I don't like that I'm back on Facebook, having been sent to Facebook Jail and all, but the big FB beast isn't going away so I had to rejoin them. I, at least, returned with principles in tact. Not that they care. But I do.

What Is Learning Well At Home?

Learning Well At Home is a joint site between arithmophobianomore.com and playdiscoverlearn247.com.  This is our learning platform.  We've had this planned for a couple  years, but neither of us were in a place that we felt we could move ahead until now. 

Both of our other sites are about math. You'll find math courses here very soon. But this is about more than just math. This is about becoming the best teachers we can for our kids and ourselves and finding the best curriculum, processes, blogs and books that help us do that.